Meet Us

Jeffrey R. Simmons

Jeffrey R. Simmons lives in the greater Flint area and has for most of his life. As a die hard horror fan for the bulk of his life, Jeff brings a plethora of horror knowledge to the podcast. Also a 10 year veteran of the haunted attraction industry, he really does eat, sleep, and breathe horror. Jeff does however have other hobbies such as being an active member in the independent wrestling industry.

Andrew K. Senn

Andrew Keith Senn (AKS) is thirty three years old and lives near Flint Michigan. Andrew is a musician, Reiki healer, and an avid horror fan who has been watching horror movies since the age of three. Andrew has a vast collection of horror movies, books, and memorabilia. As an all around artist he has also written horror themed music and fiction. Andrew is also the creator of Fire Tiger Soundscapes which is a sound healing and meditation group.

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